Donating stocks is a great way to use your securities to help TCF-USA:

Step 1

Notify TCF-USA by Filling Out the Form at the link Below: 

Let us know of your planned donation in advance of your stock transfer — this will provide us the information necessary to record your gift properly for income tax purposes. Complete this FORM and submit it using the button at the bottom of the form. NOTE your name and contact information is not  shared by your broker when transferring the securities, in order for TCF-USA to send you a receipt please submit this form. You can also notify us of your stock donation by contacting us at 888-729-3022 or

Step 2

Initiate the Stock Transfer: 

Contact your broker and inform them which stocks and how many shares you will donate to TCF-USA as a tax deductible contribution and provide your broker with TCF-USA’s TD Ameritrade brokerage account information.

DTC Routing Instructions
Broker: TD Ameritrade
Account Number: 495612914
DTC Number: 0188
Account Name: The Citizens Foundation, USA