3.5 Milllion

children in Pakistan are facing a disruption in their education
due to the flood crisis.

Displacement, loss of family income and damage to education infrastructure are driving children out of school. Many are taking up work to support their families, while girls are at an increased risk of child marriage.
This Season of Giving, help TCF save their education.

Our efforts
to ensure learning

Preventing school dropouts through community visits

Addressing learning loss through remediation

Prioritising social-emotional well-being

Rabia returns to

The devastating floods in Soomro Goth, Jacobabad (Sindh) left TCF student Rabia and her family without a home or a livelihood. Rabia, a student of Kindergarten, was on the brink of dropping out of school but her principal Ms Raheela stepped in and counselled her parents and gave them hope through education.

Dhani is back in school, thanks to you!

TCF student Dhani loves to paint! On her first day back at school, she took to art to express the moment the floods swept away her home. Thanks to supporters like you, Dhani is back in her classroom with her friends and teachers where she learns, plays, and dreams of a better future through quality education.

Finding Hope Amidst
the Crisis

Esha and Urooj Fatima dropped out of a private school in Mirwah Gorchani, Mirpurkhas, when the floods wrecked their home and left their father, a poultry farmer, jobless. During a community visit, Ms Asma, the TCF school principal, instantly enrolled the girls back in school and reassured them that they did not have to worry about the expenses.

This Season of Giving, help TCF bring children back to school

I Want To Bring Children Back To School