2018 At a Glance Celebrating the Difference You Made!

Reflections on 2018
From the Desk of Uneza Akhtar

This year, like the ones before flew past. Entrusted with the important task of managing the charitable giving of our donors, it was a year in which we deepened our commitments with our supporters. In 2018, our grants initiatives towards the programs of TCF-Pakistan — amounted to over 8.5 million dollars, impacting the lives of 60,000+ children — enabling them to attend school for one full year!

Reflections on 2018

Team TCF-USA saying thank you to CEO Arif Gafur for his leadership

Message from the President and the CEO

In October, 2018, Arif Gafur transitioned from the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to the President of TCF-USA. Arif took over as CEO some four years ago from Danial Noorani, who founded TCF-USA in 2001 and successfully led the organization. Arif’s tenure as CEO has been characterized by clear vision and data drive strategic thinking. As a result, under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Foundation has seen enormous growth in revenue and outreach efforts.

Stepping into his new role as President, Arif expressed in a note to our Chapter leaders, “As I look back over these last four years as the CEO, I am filled with a great sense of satisfaction and pride for where the organization stands today. TCF-USA has expanded to 34+ active Chapters across the country led by passionate leaders, supported by the dedicated TCF-USA team and a very engaged Board of Directors. Our donations have more than doubled in this period. By the grace of Allah (SWT) we now serve 65,000+ children in Pakistan!! It has truly been my privilege and honor to have your trust and for the opportunity to get to know and work with you. It is these TCF-USA family bonds that I treasure deeply. I say this with no exaggeration!”

After serving as the CEO for 4+ years, he proudly passed the baton to Tauseef Siddiqi, who brings a wealth of experience. A devoted member of the community, Tauseef has served on the board of many non-profit organizations.

Dr Sidra Saleem

What drove me was deprivation, what gave me direction was TCF – Dr. Sidra Saleem

TCF alumna, Dr. Sidra Saleem has come a long way! From a kindergartner at the TCF-Crescent Steel Campus, clutching her mother’s finger and peering into a classroom for the very first time, to topping in high school and making it into Karachi’s prestigious DOW Medical College against great odds. Last year, Sidra completed a rotation for pediatric neurology at the University of Illinois. Currently, she is interviewing for residency programs in the US. We were delighted when Sidra visited the TCF-USA Chicago office. Confident, grounded and focused, Dr. Sidra Saleem spoke to our TCF-Chicago team members, Hasin Farzana and Amena Khan about her incredible journey and what drives her to excel, and how TCF is at the very essence of who she is today.

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Christopher Coelho

Christopher and Jennifer with their 3 children

I Will Never Forget How Happy You All Made Me

Christopher Coelho, a long-time champion of TCF visited the TCF-Carmen Coelho Campus, built in honor of his mother. He had the opportunity to witness first-hand how his contributions have changed the lives of countless children. Read his personal account of engaging with the students and staff and coming back with lasting memories and a promise to stay committed to the school, cherishing the bonds he built.

Thank you Chapters

2018 was a year of events! This year all our 34+ chapters went above and beyond to spread the TCF movement of education, by engaging their own communities in unique and entertainment filled events. As a result of the committed organizing efforts of our volunteers, TCF- USA hosted 70+ events this year.

From annual galas to private dinners and lunches, outdoor picnics to spooky bowling, we had it all! With delicious brunches to a Kite festival, and a Sufi night our chapters turned out more than 8000+ participants collectively.

The events team and all of TCF-USA would like to thank each of our chapters for their outstanding efforts this year!

“This year end, we are proud to announce that due to the generous contributions of the communities, many of our TCF-USA chapters reached their goals, supporting TCF schools in need and ensuring that TCF students have continuous access to quality education and enriching learning environments! We cannot wait to embark on the 2019 journey and hope to see our events in your city, ” says Sahar Soomro, Head of Operations who leads the chapter support team.

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Meet the Newest Members of Our TCF-USA Event Team

Kiran Zohaib joined our Houston office in July 2018 as an Administrative Coordinator for the Chapter and Events team. With an MBA in Marketing, Kiran assists in developing marketing materials for TCF chapter lead events. She has previously worked for an IT company in Pakistan as a blog & website content writer before moving to USA in 2014. She has also interned at West Houston Association, a non-profit organization serving the West Houston area. Currently, Kiran is completing her second MBA in Management from the University of Houston.

Kiran Zohaib

Anam Fakhruddin joined the TCF-USA team in June, 2018 in Karachi, as the Marketing Communications Executive. A graduate from Pakistan’s Institute of Business Management (IoBM), with a B.S Joint Honors in Economics & Finance, Anam leads TCF through Social Media marketing, making TCF visible all around the world. She has a flair for digital media marketing, creative content writing and graphic designing. Prior to joining TCF she was a sub-editor at The Express Tribune. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Anam has obtained diplomacy and leadership diplomas from the European Academy of Diplomacy in Warsaw, Poland.

Anam Fakhruddin