Our Aagahi Program imparts functional literacy skills to women in school communities


We install water purification plants to provide clean water


We are providing vocational training to expand economic opportunities for women

We seek to empower communities for sustainable impact!
Aagahi illuminates lives!

Aagahi, TCF’s adult literacy program was launched in 2005 as a community development initiative. It provides illiterate women from rural areas and urban slums around TCF schools a chance to learn how to read and write.

The classes are held twice a year from January to April and September to December. As a part of this program, basic mathematics and Urdu reading and writing is taught to the learners over a period of four months. The literacy module comprises of four workbooks – three to teach phonetics based recognition of sounds and one to teach basic numeracy.

Basic functional literacy skills have an enormous impact on the lives of these women. From being able to read bus numbers at a busy bus stop, to calculating the change they are owed at the end of a shopping transaction, to writing a letter to their loved ones, the gift of literacy dramatically transforms their lives.

The program has expanded to…


Aagahi Learners

Clean water for healthier communities

Water is essential to human survival. Over 41,000 children in Pakistan die from diarrhea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation every year.

Since 2015, TCF with its partners has been installing water filtration plants for healthier communities around TCF schools. The process involves opening community-scale filtered water depots in TCF school premises with dual outlets. One outlet provides clean water to the children attending school while the other is used by community people to have access to drinking water throughout the day.

The objective is to ensure good health and economic benefits to the communities we work in and reduce absenteeism among the school children by providing them with safe drinking water.

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Basic Filtration Plants


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Vocational training for financial independence

TCF’s Vocational Training Project is providing women living in TCF school communities with skills to achieve financial self-reliance.

Launched in 2015, the project is being run under partnerships with various institutions. Training centers are established inside the school premises where trained teachers impart a 6-month long specialized training course in two specific trades which include cosmetology and sewing skills.

By the end of the course the learners are equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge to launch their own small businesses while staying at home. The objective is to provide women with the support they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty and facilitate sustainable community impact.

We are creating economic empowerment opportunities through…


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