Written Endorsements
Houston mayor Sylvester Turner recognizes TCF commitment to education

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner Recognizes TCF’s Commitment to Education

“The City of Houston commends and appreciates The Citizens Foundation for its great commitment to service locally and internationally, helping improve the education of our underprivileged youth”

Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, promulgates February 27, 2016 as The Citizens Foundation Day. Since graduating from Harvard Law School, Sylvester Turner went on to win the closest mayoral election held, and became the second African American mayor, in Houston.Read More


Honorable Mr. Mike Honda Stands with TCF

“TCF continues to show its dedication to giving all children the opportunity to receive an education in a safe, supportive environment”

Mr. Mike Honda, a congressman who served as a representative for California, speaks of TCF’s commitment to the future of Pakistan.Read More

Video Endorsements
Sanam Saeed Endorses TCF

Sanam Saeed Endorses TCF

“All TCF graduates have an exceptional opportunity in the job market”

Sanam Saeed, an award winning actor, musician, and former model endorses TCF and its mission.Read More

Imran Khan Endorses TCF

Imran Khan Applauds TCF’s Management

“They have a mixed syllabus which enables children with a weak background to come up and compete with children from English medium schools”

Pakistani Cricket World Cup winning captain, and philanthropist, Imran Khan, gives his reasons for endorsing TCF.Read More

Salima Hashmi Endorses TCF

Salima Hashmi Praises TCF’s Efforts

“People can see the change it brings about in other people’s life so clearly, because you can see that in the child’s face”

Dean of Beaconhouse University, and a well-known artist, Salima Hashmi explains how TCF is bringing change into thousands of children’s lives.Read More

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Donor Testimonials

I support TCF to educate Pakistan

When I look back at my time at the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI), I remember it among my fondest moments. After all, it was here where I was exposed to new ideas, experienced some of my happiest but also saddest times and built relationships that will last a lifetime.Read More

Making eye contact

Making Eye Contact

Our eyes often give away our feelings when we are trying to hide them. I recently discovered how profound and overwhelming making eye contact could be.
I volunteer for a charity, The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF USA) in Pakistan. For the last twenty years, TCF has been on a mission to educate underprivileged children of Pakistan.Read More

Other Endorsements
World at Risk

World At Risk

A report, now sold as a book, on the action taken by the United States to prevent production of weapons of mass destruction, and terrorism. TCF-USA receives funds from Vintage Books through sales of this report.Read More