I support TCF to educate Pakistan

When I look back at my time at the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI), I remember it among my fondest moments. After all, it was here where I was exposed to new ideas, experienced some of my happiest but also saddest times and built relationships that will last a lifetime.Read More

Making eye contact

Making Eye Contact

Our eyes often give away our feelings when we are trying to hide them. I recently discovered how profound and overwhelming making eye contact could be.
I volunteer for a charity, The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF USA) in Pakistan. For the last twenty years, TCF has been on a mission to educate underprivileged children of Pakistan.Read More

A Moving Experience

Seeing the kindergarten students sitting at their desks, listening intently as the teacher delivered the morning lessons – this was one of the most emotional moments of my visit.
A feeling of hope for these students’ future washed over me. I definitely did not expect my heart to be full of so much hope and love for these children.Read More

Sonia Baig Expresses her Gratitude

Sonia Baig Expresses Gratitude

“I was very impressed with the facilities and eagerness of all the children to learn because of the environment created in these schools”

Sonia, a young 14 year old TCF supporter from Minnesota, shares her experience at one of The Citizens Foundation schools.Read More