Over the last 6 months, Mr. Mushtaq Chhapra, Mr. Ateed Riaz and Mr. Asaad Ayub collectively visited approximately 12 Chapters around the United States.
They gave interviews to local news channels, spoke at TCF-USA events and programs, and updated the USA chapter on the impact we have made on the children …Read More

Changing Minds to Empower Lives

“My father was afraid that if he let me continue with school my relatives will say bad things about me. After all, we are a conservative society. I told my father, ‘Let’s not be scared of doing something which is right. Going to school is not wrong.’ He agreed … …Read More

This Father-son Duo inspired over $3.1m in Donations

The following article has originally been published on and was contributed by their staff writer Erik Ortiz with the help of Amjad Noorani and David Gardner (of TCF-USA) as a final tribute to the father-son duo who sacrificed their lives in a journey to raise funds for the education of …Read More