2019 is off to a Great Start!

From the Desk of Danial Noorani

Creating 2 Million Agents of Change

In January of this year, TCF supporters from all over the world gathered in Karachi for our Global Supporters’ Conference. The most important commitment that came out of this conference was a pledge to accelerate TCF’s educational programs to reach 2 million beneficiaries by 2030.

TCF-USA Events to Support the Cause

TCF-USA volunteers across the country have been very busy. One of the best things to happen for TCF-USA was the launch of “Young Professionals” support groups. Not only does this extend our work to the next generation of supporters, it also ensures the future of TCF-USA’s work to bring education and hope to the children of Pakistan. On February 7th, the Dallas Young Professionals had their first monthly “Bhaitak”, on February 16th the San Francisco Young Professionals was launched with a “Laugh for Literacy” event, the Boston Young Professionals had a Breakfast Club meeting on February 23rd, and the following day the New York Young Professionals held a Comedy Night.

The 2019 Houston Gala celebrated the fact that TCF is now operating 1,567 school units by raising funds to operate dozens of schools; funds for school operations are the highest priority need requested by TCF. Our Sacramento Chapter held two lunch events to support education in Pakistan. The North New Jersey 2019 Gala broke all their previous records; their next project will benefit Balochistan. The Westchester Chapter led by a team of women professionals, with the support of their spouses held another exciting and successful annual gala.

TCF supporters are very fond of running – for education, the Philadelphia team participated in the “Love Run” and Sohaib Anwer from our Houston Chapter ran in the Reason2Race competition. Both races raised funds for TCF. All this and it is just April!

Zakat for Education

Please reflect, why allocate your Zakat for education and why trust TCF with your Zakat. The reason why I find the idea of using Zakat for educating deserving children is that not only will the child benefit this year, the benefits will change the child’s life. If we can give these children a life-changing education there is a good chance that they will be able to earn enough so that they can change the lives of their whole families. TCF takes the responsibility of your Zakat very seriously; our school staff interview the families and visit their homes to determine the need. Once the need is established, we take the parents’ permission to utilize Zakat to educate their children. For $144 you can educate a child for a year, this comes to just $12 a month. $1,440 would education 10 children for a year and $14,400 would provide a quality education to 100 children. These children are the future of Pakistan. Thank you for all generous support, we truly value it.

Ramadan Mubarak!