I support TCF to educate Pakistan

When I look back at my time at the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI), I remember it among my fondest moments. After all, it was here where I was exposed to new ideas, experienced some of my happiest but also saddest times and built relationships that will last a lifetime.

Now, however, I see the stark differences in life within the campus and the areas around it (Topi and Swabi). Most of the surrounding areas don’t have basic educational facilities and as a result, a significant percentage of children aren’t given the opportunity to attend school.

Committed towards improving basic education standards in underprivileged societies of Pakistan, I began working with The Citizens Foundation (TCF). As a student mentor, I heard countless stories of children who had broken the cycle: they studied at TCF schools and emerged with a degree from the likes of Harvard, IBA, LUMS. The transformative power of a quality education is evident in the stories of these students, who beat the odds and make a difference not only in their lives, but also in their communities.

Chaman Iftikhar
Chaman worked with TCF’s Rahbar program as a student mentor at Lakhan, a remote location in the outskirts of Rawalpindi.

She is currently supporting GIKI in their efforts to construct a school in Swabi.

Educating children in Swabi

In August 2017, GIKI alumni, in collaboration with TCF, embarked on a project in Parmoli, Swabi to set up a primary school.

As of May 2018:

  • $130,000 has been raised by GIKI alumni and friends
  • $30,000 has been contributed in pledges
  • Initial architectural renditions have been shared across all alumni platforms

While this has been a great start, funds are still required to get the school up and running in time and to support operations for the first year at least. Construction is expected to begin this month.

Every contribution counts and goes a long way towards transforming the future of these children.

Make a difference because education truly is the answer! Visit https://www.tcfgikiaa.org to learn more about the project.