A moving experience

Seeing the kindergarten students sitting at their desks, listening intently as the teacher delivered the morning lessons – this was one of the most emotional moments of my visit.

A feeling of hope for these students’ future washed over me. I definitely did not expect my heart to be full of so much hope and love for these children.

The realization hit me – they wouldn’t have the means to a quality education if it weren’t for this TCF school. They were now being provided with quality education from the qualified instructors that TCF ensures.

As the principal gave me the tour of the primary school, I learned that the schools are constructed to utilize the natural environment to a maximum. The classrooms have many windows to allow for natural light throughout the classrooms, especially for days when electricity may not be available. The central courtyard was spectacular – the Karachi Horticulture Society had planted many plants and flowers to create a lovely green space in the middle of school.

I was also very impressed by the pilot college that this location had set up. Our student ambassador gave us an enthusiastic tour of the facility, explaining that the students were handpicked from the best of the best in Karachi because of their scores. I could see college students completely immersed in their lessons. On the day I visited, the college was in the middle of carrying out extracurricular workshops for music, arts, and architecture. The instructors had come from all over Pakistan and were professionals within their career. I was very impressed that the instructors had volunteered time from their daily lives as musicians/architects/artists to broaden the horizons for these students. This was an amazing opportunity not only for the students but for me as well.

I am so grateful to the principal, teachers and students for allowing me to get a glimpse into their lovely world in Qayyumabad TCF School Campus. I hope to visit again in the near future! Thank you!

Sadaf Kheiri, a member of Seeds of Learning and an ardent TCF supporter