Sonia Baig Expresses Gratitude

“I would like to thank The Citizens Foundation for making this visit happen. I enjoyed it very much! For starters, we were met very warmly by everyone, especially the principal. After introducing ourselves, we were taken from one secondary school classroom to another, and saw children studying in every grade. The principle introduced me to each student individually. After about an hour of introductions, picture-taking, tea, and parting words, we were escorted to the elementary school next door.

There, I met the elementary school principal, and she took us from classroom to classroom as well. I saw children learning in each grade, from the youngest kindergarteners to the oldest students. I was very impressed with the facilities and eagerness of the children to learn in the environment created in these schools. In the end, I gained more knowledge about TCF, and the schools that it builds.

Thank you so much for your amazing work for the children of Pakistan.”

Sonia, a young 14 year old TCF supporter from Minnesota, shares her experience at one of The Citizens Foundation schools.