Jafferys from Wichita Chapter visit TCF School

“It was heartwarming to see how teachers are involved in the lives of students even on a personal level.”

The veteran TCF-USA Wichita Chapter leader, Waris Jaffery along with his wife Durdana Jaffery, visited TCF’s Mian Muhammad Yousuf Campus 1, which has been adopted by the Jaffery family.

The Jafferys have been dedicatedly serving the TCF movement for over a decade.The campus they visited is located in Baldia town, an underprivileged neighborhood of Karachi and offers quality education to 329 underprivileged children.
It was established in 2004 as a primary school and till date runs morning and afternoon shifts.

Waris Jaffery was moved by one of the student’s efforts to pay even the modest amount TCF charges as school fee. TCF charges a minimum fee per month depending upon the family’s affordability only to ensure that the family remains a stakeholder in their child’s education journey. It ranges from $0.5-$0.15 per month.

“The boy was working two jobs after school, one of which continued till midnight, to contribute to household expenses and his school fee. His teacher would find him drowsy every morning, and less attentive in class. Instead of reprimanding him, she approached him and helped him open up. She then guided him to apply for a fee waiver which was granted immediately. Teachers being so considerate and passionate about making a difference in their students lives is truly something that’s unique about TCF schools.”

It is visits like these that allow TCF students and staff members to bond with TCF’s supporters and donors. It inspires everyone associated with the movement to continue making a difference.