Spreading the Light

“Asma cannot go to school but I’m there for her. I teach her whatever I learn at school every day. My school principal has also helped me get some old school books for Asma. I just want every girl of my village to be able to go to school. I want to be a teacher when I grow up.”

Samreen Chishti was born in a small settlement in rural Sindh and started attending the TCF School in Keti Bandar when she was only four. Today, she is in sixth grade and her teachers see her as one of the most promising students in her class. Samreen is also an enthusiastic debater and works very hard to sharpen her skills and increase her knowledge base. This effort has helped her win the Debating Competition in her school for the last two years.

She enjoys her time in school but deeply misses her childhood friend Asma. Asma is one of the millions of girls in Pakistan who were never given the opportunity to go to school. This little soul burns off her mornings collecting firewood and tending to her younger siblings at home. Mornings may be rough but her afternoons are special. Every day the two girls sit together by a barn where Samreen teaches Asma everything she learns at school.

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