A Qulfi Seller from IBA

“I want to share my belief with every TCF student, that consistent hard work and determination will help them succeed. At the end of the day, life is hard for all of us. There will be many obstacles to what we want from life. Keep moving and praying to God, … destiny can be changed.”

Zulfiqar Chachar was born in a poor farming family and grew up with a deep desire to learn and succeed. Youngest of seven brothers, he was the only one who went to school even while helping with his father’s ‘qulfi’ (ice cream) stall after school. After graduating from TCF in 2006, Zufliqar secured admission to IBA Sukkur and received a scholarship.

As a university student, he served as the Student Body Vice-President and flourished in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. In 2015, he completed his degree in Business Administration and moved to Karachi to look for opportunities.
Keeping the connection with TCF alive, Zulfiqar is now volunteering for ‘Rahbar’ – TCF’s flagship mentoring program. As a Rahbar, Zulfiqar guides current TCF students to transform their mindsets from thinking themselves as victims of their bleak circumstances to empowered creators of their own destiny.

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