Honorable Mr. Mike Honda Stands with TCF

“TCF continues to show its dedication to giving all children the opportunity to receive an education in a safe, supportive environment”

Mr. Mike Honda, a congressman who served as a representative for California, speaks of TCF’s commitment to the future of Pakistan.Read More

Honorable Mr. Lee Hamilton Congratulates TCF

“TCF’s efforts on behalf of the children of Pakistan help alleviate poverty, combat feelings of hopelessness, and expand the reach of opportunity”

Mr. Lee, a Co-Chair of the 9/11 Commission, and former Congressman, praises the mission of TCF’s work.Read More

Dr. Azra Raza

Dr. Azra Raza Commends TCF

“TCF teaches women to express their feelings fearlessly, and to stop anyone trying to damn the bright spark of their potential”

Dr. Raza, a celebrated figure in the world of medicine, gives a speech about the difference TCF is making.Read More

Leslie Mass, Ph.D, Wonderstruck by TCF

“The work of TCF exemplifies the commitment to education and educational reform that is missing from the public sector”

Leslie Mass, a TCF-USA volunteer, talks about how TCF is fulfilling its citizenship duty.Read More