From Obscurity to Soaring Heights

“Almost 43% of TCF graduates secure A+ and A grades. Many of them feel that money is the barrier that keeps them from going to some of the top universities in Pakistan. I want them to believe that if they work hard and focus, they can break through all these barriers. Dreams and goals give life a purpose, direction, and meaning. I want to support TCF alumni in realizing their dreams of getting admission into the best universities.”
– Nadeem Hussain

Nadeem Hussain, TCF Alumnus of the 2007 batch, went on to complete his degree in Computer Science from the prestigious Institute of Business Administration (IBA). Nadeem also attended the University of Massachusetts, USA in 2013 for courses in Public Policy and Leadership. He was one of 17 Pakistani students to be selected for this program.

Nadeem worked with the State Bank of Pakistan as a Team Lead on a research project developing a Consumer Confidence Index for Pakistan. He is currently working with the World Bank as a Technical Assistant for Sindh Global Partnership for Education project.

Nadeem is also helping TCF design and execute the Alumni Development Program (ADP), which helps TCF Alumni secure admissions in some of the best universities in Pakistan and beyond. In less than a year, 11 students have benefitted through this program and are pursuing higher education in top universities, such as IBA and Habib University.

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