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Bringing children Back to School

Support TCF to continue nurturing dreams of
underprivileged children

Give them the joy of learning

As schools reopen, the eagerness of our children to learn drives us to uphold our promise of quality education.

We continuously strive to create joy in learning – enhancing our teaching methodologies to foster creativity, spark imagination and equip our children with skills they will need in the future.

Nurture their dreams

For underprivileged children in Pakistan, a huge barrier to their education is economic disadvantage. With many families struggling to afford education, children are forced to work to help support their households.

Help a child stay in school and give them a chance to fulfill their dreams of a brighter future. Set up a monthly donation or support a child’s education for just $144 per year.

What our children missed about school


“I like learning new things every day! The best thing about being in school is that if I need assistance, I just raise my hand and my teacher walks up to my desk to help me out right there and then!”


“I was most excited to meet my Math teacher, Ms Kainat. She is very kind and explains concepts very well.”


“I love to read! I missed spending time in the library exploring books and discovering new stories. I am excited to catch up on all my reading!”