Najia Usman in Awe of Samra Zafar

“One year ago, I️ was moved by an autobiographical article about a young woman who had overcome huge obstacles to achieve an unbelievable outcome through education. Her resilience and perseverance were the stuff that fairy tales are made of. I️ knew in that moment that Samra would be a perfect keynote speaker who would bring awareness to the importance of education for empowerment. When Samra spoke on behalf of The Citizens Foundation, there was pin drop silence as she brought us into her world and told us how her thirst to be educated changed her life path. In thirty minutes, we cried with empathy, were angered by the injustices, and jubilant for her triumphant finale. Her ability to dig deep and tell her story so honestly, coupled with the poignant message of supporting education for underprivileged children, is a global issue that we can all be behind to make our world a better place. As a speaker, Samra was able to research our theme and create a narrative which is a testimonial to her combination of brilliance and professionalism. Our evening by all measures was a success, be it through funds raised or people just being inspired to think beyond themselves. As I said it that evening, when I introduced Samra “we will all remember where we were when we heard Samra speak to us!”

Najia Usman D.D.S.
Chapter Leader, The Citizen’s Foundation
Northeast Ohio Chapter