The Citizens Foundation, USA (TCF-USA) is a USA based non-profit that supports the education of underprivileged children. Starting in 1998, Danial Noorani with others led the effort to build the first TCF school funded by USA donors in Karachi in 2000. Today, TCF-USA has more than 20,000 supporters in the USA and a thriving and active community of TCF volunteers active in 34+ USA cities. Together we have now built 249 schools across Pakistan educating more than 65,000 children! This is our story…

TCF-USA Journey

The Vision

Danial and Karen Noorani visit TCF schools in Pakistan, and commit themselves to The Citizens Foundation and promoting it in the USA. At the same time, Ms. Shimmi Kidwai, with APWA Washington D.C., started raising awareness of TCF’s work in the D.C. area, and raising funds. With a clear vision to help eradicate poverty through education, Al Ameen Campus in Karachi was the first TCF school built by USA supporters in 2000.

The beginning

Danial Noorani established TCF-USA as a 501(c)(3) charity based in Chicago in 2002 and was appointed as the President of TCF-USA by the Board of Directors. Funding efforts continued and by 2004, ten schools with a capacity to educate 1,800 students had been built. In 2006 TCF-USA raised $2 Million for Pakistan in earthquake relief and rebuilding efforts, for the devastating earthquake in northern Pakistan in 2005.

Picking up momentum

TCF Chapters began being established in the United States, with volunteers building awareness of TCF’s programs in their cities. In 2010, Mr. Zarrar Segal was appointed as the new President. Zarrar is a senior partner at Clifford & Chance US LLP, a major New York based law firm.

The Impact

Chapters continued to grow throughout the USA, and by 2012, TCF-USA had established its 100th school. In 2014, TCF achieved a milestone of 1,000 schools across Pakistan. Graduates from TCF began pursuing higher education from prestigious universities in the USA, and break the cycle of poverty.

A new horizon

In 2015, Mr. Arif Gafur was appointed as CEO of TCF-USA, an executive with over 20 years of experience in the Global Energy industry. Arif, with his team, is executing a growth strategy which has resulted in strong revenue growth, and has expanded an already expanded chapter network. This enabled TCF-USA to develop its programs to support 83 government schools adopted by TCF.
2017 and beyond

The future

In 2017, TCF USA received a 4-star rating by Charity Navigator for the third consecutive year in a row. Today, TCF-USA has over 30 chapters with an estimated 600 volunteers across the United States. We have established 283 schools across Pakistan, with a capacity to educate 36,000 students. TCF USA is committed to supporting education of underprivileged children who will become the leaders of tomorrow.