Educate a Vulnerable Child Every Month

Education is the foundation of progress in every society. In Pakistan, where a vast segment of the population is trapped in poverty, education is the only way to a brighter future.

You can help change this: a gift of just $12 a month can put one child in school for an entire year.

$12 per month = 1 Run for Education ticket
$24 per month = 3 Run for Education tickets
$36 per month = 5 Run for Education tickets

Your donation supports TCF's general education fund.

Consider Giving Monthly

By choosing to give monthly, you’ll allow us to make strategic, long-term investments to educate more children and uplift more communities.

Give 0 per month instead

It costs only 0 per month to support the education of 0 child. Your monthly gift can easily be paused, changed, or canceled at any time.

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