San Antonio Chapter

The foundation for the San Antonio Chapter was laid in February of 2013. In a short span of two months, the San Antonio Chapter was able to organize an event, bringing together San Antonians of all ethnic backgrounds and religions, to build a school in Pakistan. The Chapter has been very effective in raising awareness in the community about the dismal state of education in Pakistan, and what can be done to bring about change. This has been done through community outreach, info sessions, carnivals, and annual galas. The goal is not only to build new schools but also to support existing TCF schools.

Chapter Projects

The San Antonio Community came together to build its first school, the San Antonio primary campus in Hair, Punjab. The school has been operational since 2014 and is supported for its lifetime. Two families from San Antonio have also built Sher Ali Campus in Karachi, Sindh and Noor Bano Rajpari Campus in Khairpur, Sindh.

San Antonio Chapter
San Antonio Chapter
San Antonio Chapter
Upcoming Events

There is no upcoming event for this chapter right now.

Chapter Team
  • Dr. Rashid Sharaf

  • Zarfeshan Sharaf

  • Navaid Saigal

  • Irum Saigal

  • Shabana Khan

  • Wasif Latif

  • R Roshnic Latif

  • A Anwer Rajpari

  • Habiba Rajpari

Contact Information

If you are interested in volunteering or want to be a friend of TCF, please contact the team members above or complete the volunteer form.