Review Report by the Chairman

Review-Report-by-the-Chairman-page-pic On behalf of the Board, I am pleased to present my review report for the year.

The Board continued playing an essential role in delivering growth through the globally challenging and changing landscape of fundraising for social good. It continued to oversee the Foundation’s programmes and operations, ensuring transparency of governance and compliance. It remained cognizant of its fiduciary responsibilities and carried on with the monitoring of financial results on a quarterly basis.


An annual evaluation of the Board’s overall performance is conducted as per the requirements of the Companies Act 2017. The purpose of this evaluation is to ensure that the Board’s performance is measured in context of the overall objectives and governance structure of the Foundation. For the financial year ended 30 June 2018, the Board’s overall performance and effectiveness has been assessed as satisfactory in achieving the Foundation’s objectives.

We are committed to ensuring transparency and accountability across all operations. It is also important to highlight the key role played by the Committees (Audit Committee, Human Resource and Remuneration Committee) in underscoring areas of improvement and recommending practical solutions to achieve the highest level of transparency, implementing lean systems, and complying with the best governance practices.


The Board approved the Foundation’s strategy 2030 to improve organisation’s scalability. This involves not just expanding current programmes to a larger scale, but also branching out into new target groups that are in need of functional literacy and vocational skills; working with partners across sectors – including provincial governments, private sector, donors, other foundations, in order to ensure our reach to a greater number of people across Pakistan and achieve a sustainable impact of interventions at scale.

All the Directors of the Board commit to performing at their full potential, supporting the management and overseeing the new strategy execution across the organisation.


It is important to not just achieve good results, but to do so in a way that treats all of our stakeholders – donors, volunteers, employees, supporters and regulators – in a fair and transparent way.

As part of this commitment, the Board and I are determined to ensure that The Citizens Foundation remains a place where all our people have the opportunity to fulfill their potential in a nurturing environment that encourages the right behaviour. Our stakeholders expect honesty and integrity and we will continue to promote a culture in which people do the right thing.

Our strength lies in the trust placed in us by our stakeholders. It is important for us to strengthen these trust-based relationships. We commit ourselves to being accountable to all our stakeholders.

My special thanks are due, on behalf of the Board, to all the employees and volunteers who work for the cause around the world, and to our global donors, supporters and grantors for their continued support. With your support, I look forward to another successful year of positive change.

Ateed Riaz
Chairman / Director
15 August 2018