Join us on August 16th to 18th for a monumental weekend celebrating Pakistan Independence Day in the US and promoting the power of education. This nationwide movement aims to raise awareness and funds for the education crisis in Pakistan where over 26 million children are out of school.

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In 2023, our first ever Run for Education, over 300 people from more than 15 states across the US joined together for the cause.



And bring your friends,
your family, and maybe
that person who smiles at you
when they walk their dog


Running (or walking) for Education

Register to run
Create a P2P fundraiser
Tell your friends
Run/walk the distance you want
Take pictures and share!


Wherever you want!

Pick your favorite park,
Go out to your local track,
Run around your neighborhood
(Maybe even that hotel treadmill)


August 16th-18th

You pick the time that works
Start off your day with a run
Go in the mid-day sun
Jog it out to cap off your day

Increase Your Impact

This year, choose to make a bigger difference by signing up as a monthly donor. When you do, you’ll receive a free run for education t-shirt (or t-shirts!) as our thank you for your generosity. It costs only $12 per month to educate a student.

$12 per month


1 child educated for a year

$24 per month


2 children educated for a year

$36 per month


3 children educated for a year

You will receive: 1 t-shirt for 1 student supported, 3 t-shirts for 2 students supported, and 5 t-shirts for 3 students supported.

Registered and ready to go?

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