A Drive of Optimism

Alfana started teaching at TCF Bhai Pheru Campus, Kasur-Punjab in the year 2000. After the completion of her ten year service she was awarded the ‘Long Service Award’. She was appointed as the principal of TCF Primary School Baherwal, Houston Campus II, Patoki. Alfana has also been involved in the year round TCF Faculty’s training and currently completing her MA in Urdu Literature.

Her father who is a retired Govt. officer was the main source of inspiration for what she has achieved today; he always wanted his daughters to pursue the teaching profession. She fondly recalls her father saying “It is the noblest profession Alfana, you will seek life’s answers within it”. Taking forward her father’s will, Alfana proved to be a major driving force to convince her other family members to get engaged with this profession. As a result four of her cousins are now teaching in TCF Schools as well as her sister-in-law, who works as a principal.

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