A Fruitful Journey

Parveen, mother of five children and wife of a labourer, belongs to a village in District Mianwali. Education of females was looked down upon in her village, so she was not allowed by her family to attend school.

“Sometimes, my children would ask me for help with their school work and I being illiterate myself, could never help them which made me feel embarrassed and helpless,” says Parveen sadly.

When Parveen found out about the Aagahi Programme, hope rekindled in her heart and she approached her husband for permission to enroll. On being allowed to do so, Parveen was overjoyed. She narrates her experience happily, “to learn something new every day gave me such immense pleasure that I find hard to put in words; It made me feel complete”.

Today, Parveen is able to guide her fellow learners with their work and finally help her children with their school homework proudly.

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