A Local Guardian

“I remember seeing a little girl in the market buying some candy. As she was going back home, she stepped on a live wire brought down by heavy rains and got electrocuted. People who came to help her started throwing sand on her … they just didn’t know what to do. I just cannot forget this incident. That day, I decided that I must develop the knowledge and skills to make a real difference in such situations for the people in my community.”

Afzal Channa found himself interested in healthcare since he was very young. In eighth grade, he worked as an Assistant in a clinic, managing patients’ medical records and other administrative tasks. Struggling to make ends meet, he even sold empty medicine bottles to make some extra money.

Following his passion, Afzal started training as a paramedic after matriculation and continued working at the clinic. After three years of determined effort, he has been certified as a technician for work in operation theatres, blood banks and laboratories. He also completed his Intermediate College and plans to apply to medical universities this year.

In his neighborhood Afzal serves as the first port of call for anyone requiring urgent medical care and ensures that he always has the first aid supplies he needs in such situations.

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