An Aspiring Doctor

Nine year old, Murtaza is a hardworking and intelligent student studying in grade IV at TCF Nargis Noorani Campus, Karachi. He has two siblings who are also enrolled in TCF School. Murtaza has an inclination towards reading Islamic history and has completed reading the Quran. He possesses good public speaking skills and is an active debater at school.

Murtaza, has been experiencing intense headaches since a very young age but he hasn’t let that deter him from achieving his goals. “Even though my headaches have affected my studies, I still manage to complete my work on time and get a first position in my class.” he says.

Ambitious to achieve his goals, Murtaza wants to pursue his career in medicine. “I want to become a doctor so that I can cure people and make my community proud” he adds with a smile.

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