How Education Changed my World

From a very young age, Kulsoom was anxious to learn how to read and write. Her parents used to work in the fields and she would often accompany them to give them a hand.

For a short time she did get the opportunity to take a few classes at school but when her father got sick, she was not able to continue school due to financial constraints. She then got married and had children. The additional responsibilities then, ended her hopes of ever fulfilling the dream of being educated.

One day, a TCF teacher called and informed her about the ‘Aagahi Programme’. This evoked her once succumbed desire to learn and become educated and she immediately enrolled. Kulsoom availed the opportunity to the fullest and studied from the ‘Jugnoo’ book with full zeal and was eventually successful at being able to read and write.

“Today, I can check and help my children with their homework and this has completely turned my world around. I am capable of arranging utility bills, read newspapers and even write letters. I am very thankful to ‘Aagahi Programme’ for giving me this grand opportunity to build upon and live my dream,” says humble Kulsoom with a content smile.

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