Paving her Way to Success

Urooba Yousuf is a confident and self motivated student, whose self belief is second to none. Hailing from a humble background, her father works as a salesman in an electronic market while her mother teaches at a TCF school to support the family. This determined soul studied from TCF BGP Campus which is located in an urban slum called Khuda Ki basti in Taiser Town- Karachi.

Urooba’s hard work led her to obtain scholarship to complete intermediate studies. Through TCF, Urooba obtained an opportunity to do an internship at Barclays Bank PLC in 2009. She recalls it as a wonderful experience that increased her confidence and her self belief. “My skills and abilities while working in a professional environment were as good as any girl despite the societal disparities” Urooba confidently states. She went on to complete four modules of ICMAP cost accounting courses in two years after which she pursued her degree in Mass Communication from University of Karachi and graduated in 2014.

Urooba has now stepped into the professional world, working in a renowned advertising agency as a copy writer. “TCF has not only given me the gift of education but has also helped me develop the ability to dream, think and act upon it!”

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