Removing Burden and Barriers

“I believe that doing small things can have great impact. Once, my friends and I were helping a family decorate their house for a wedding. When we were done, the bride’s ailing father rolled his wheelchair into the room and softly said, ‘What would I have done without you boys.’ This simple sentence meant the world to us.”

Shakir Ali, a student of tenth grade always had a passion to help people. This desire and distinctive leadership abilities led him to create a community youth group called ‘Dost’ (Friend). Comprising 20 young friends, the group strives to provide physical, emotional and in-kind support to people in need.

For many families without financial means or adequate support networks, social occasions such as weddings and funerals can result in financial stress (even debt) as they seek to meet society’s expectations. Shakir’s group lends a helping hand on such occasions by running errands, making event preparations and collecting items that could prove to be useful for the families being assisted.

Shakir feels that this small initiative on his part is fostering a spirit of service and compassion within the youth of his community.

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