The Road to Awareness

“When I was a child I used to feel inferior to girls who used to go to school in my neighborhood… I knew that education could not become my preference at that point in life” shares Musarrat. Thus, on finding out about the Aagahi Programme, she enrolled quickly, finding a way to manage her house work and studies simultaneously.

Musarrat spent three months training tirelessly, polishing her basic Urdu grammar and diction. According to her teacher, “Musarrat has shown commendable improvement over these three months. Her reading and writing skills surprised me. She can even recite poems now!” she beams proudly.

Reflecting upon her experience, Musarrat says, “I can now help my younger brother with his homework; he is also a TCF Student. I am very thankful to TCF for helping me overcome the inferiority I felt. Now I feel proud because I finally am one of the educated women in my neighborhood.”

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