Working Her Way Through

Overcoming adversity and embracing life, Ujala is a diligent student of grade II at TCF St. Louis Missouri Campus in Ghazi Minara, Sheikhupura, Punjab. This promising 8 year old comes across as a very bright and quick-witted student, hence, is highly valued by her teachers. Ujala’s mother supports her family by stitching clothes at home and Ujala helps her with small tasks such as stitching buttons, hemming and ironing clothes. “Life has been so tough on my child, She helps me with my work and never complains. I wish I could shelter her from all the hardships she has had to face.” reflects Ujala’s mother. “I want to give her the life I could never have. She’s so talented, and I want to do everything I can to help her reach her potential”, she added optimistically.

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