In conversation with TCF Principal – Sundus Batool

There are no great schools without great principals. TCF faculty has always been at the center of TCF endeavours and our principals play an integral role in this team. They not only oversee staff performance and administrative procedures, but are equally involved in reaching out to parents and community stakeholders to advance the cause of education. As we celebrate National Principals Month, we had a conversation with Sundus Batool, Principal – Syed Nizamuddin Hussain Shah Primary School Campus, Taxila to know more about her work on ground.

Here is what she had to say about her inspiration to work at TCF: “There are two core reasons – Firstly, TCF’s culture of providing training and guidance to its staff. The structured annual planning makes it really easy to carry things forward. Secondly, but more importantly, the work itself. To reach out to children who have no other source of education available, and to work day and night to offer them hope for a brighter future adds a strong sense of meaning to my own life.”

(Ms.Batool shared that the people in her (Taxila) community want to give their children a better future. “When we showed them a way, and gave them awareness about the benefits of quality education, majority agreed to send their children to school. Sometimes we have more children lined up for admission than we can accommodate in one class.”

Talking about her day to day challenges and the change TCF brings, Ms. Batool mentioned that the children here are fully dependent upon the school for their learning. Some students are even older for their class level because they had never been to school before and were never taught basic concepts. Hence, teachers work very hard and put in extra effort to help students reach their true potential.”

TCF holds true to its vision, mission and values. We see positive change in the community where instead of sending their children to work or marrying them off, parents are sending them to school. We see quality education when there is thorough check and balance on teachers’ performance, policies are strictly implemented, there are regular upgrades in material/methodology being used and faculty is provided relevant training.”