Sabrina Siddiqui, Political Reporter/CNN Analyst joins as TCF Campaigns Ambassador

Sabrina Siddiqui is a national politics reporter at The Wall Street Journal, where she covers the 2020 presidential race, and a political analyst at CNN. Ms. Siddiqui previously covered national politics at the Guardian, HuffPost and Bloomberg News. She has previously covered both the Trump and Obama administrations and presidential elections in 2012 and 2016. Ms. Siddiqui graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in 2008 and lives in Washington DC with her husband. TCF team is honored to have Sabrina Siddiqui endorse TCF’s campaign to educate and empower girls and participate in global events as a TCF Ambassador.

Ms. Siddiqui shares:

“It is an honor to work with TCF on expanding education in Pakistan, a cause that is of utmost priority when seeking to eradicate inequality and lifting underserved communities out of poverty.

This year, the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic were felt around the world and at every level. For children, the impact was especially acute with the closure of schools. In Pakistan, that disruption once again exposed the tremendous gap in access to education.

In underserved areas, the vast majority of families lack the means to successfully participate in remote learning. The economic hardships borne by those families has also meant that Pakistan is expected to lose a larger share of students from the school system than any other country, according to World Bank models. As has historically been the case with Pakistan, girls are likely to be the first to forgo education — further widening the gender gap that is a broader part of the country’s landscape.

I am heartened that organizations like TCF have been dedicating resources toward meeting the long-term challenges of this pandemic — whether by fighting to keep girls in school through the Keep Her Dreams Alive campaign or by providing critical Covid-19 relief to families designed to ensure continuity in learning. The Covid-19 pandemic is not simply a global health crisis. It is an educational crisis that in developing nations like Pakistan has already threatened to set back years’ worth of progress toward learning.

Please continue to join us in working toward a better future for our children. That future starts inside the classroom.”


Please click here to listen to Sabrina along with our other panelists at the live Webinar: ‘Dreams, Empowerment and Self-Belief – Sharing Personal Stories of Success” on November 29, 2020.