Ali Rehman Khan’s star-studded virtual birthday in support of TCF

Ali Rehman Khan, Pakistani Actor and TCF’s Goodwill Ambassador dedicated his birthday this year to TCF’s COVID-19 Response Appeal! A star-studded virtual celebration, which included Hareem Farooq, Adnan Siddiqui, Marina Khan, Faisal Kapadia, Anoushey Ashraf, Ayesha Omar, Khalid Malik and Nomi Ansari, took place on 5th May, just a few hours before midnight!

The late-night live session was filled with interesting light-hearted conversations where celebrities talked about everything from their work and lifestyle to their lockdown routines. The conversation then moved on to TCF’s education and COVID-19 efforts, which were widely applauded by all the stars! Ali Rehman shed some light on TCF’s COVID-19 relief efforts and shared how support is going to the most remote areas of Pakistan, where TCF has strong networks. Finally, he appealed to everyone watching the celebration live to support TCF and help poor families suffering amid COVID-19!

The celebration ended on a high note as Ali cut his cake and the party sang a birthday song for him! He thanked everyone for joining in and supporting TCF.