Bayer Pakistan Employees Counsel Students

Karachi: Bayer employees were able to offer their advice and experience to youngsters when they participated in a recent student counseling program. It was organized by The Citizens Foundation (TCF) at one of its schools for less privileged children in Karachi. More than 600 students attended the counseling sessions, which started with a personality test for those who are set to appear for their 10th grade examination. After the test, counselors met with the students and asked them questions about their career interests. The counselors further helped the students select relevant subjects for the 11th & 12th levels and guided the students on future career options. “The personality profile and self-appraisal exercises were really useful to discover and highlight the aptitude of the students,” said Khalid Latif, Site Manager, Bayer CropScience. “I am sure this program will help them by exposing them to various options for their careers and focus towards realistic and achievable goals. I plan to participate in such activities in the future as well.” The Bayer employees gave valuable advice to the students and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions themselves. Sobia Qidwai, Country Communications Manager, explained: “Counseling the students was not only useful for them but was a great learning experience for me, too. I hope I was able to show them a basic path on how to achieve their goals in life.” Removing barriers TCF is a non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens concerned with the state of education in Pakistan. By 2013, TCF had established 910 schools nationwide with 126,000 students enrolled in them. TCF’s vision is to remove barriers of class and privilege to make citizens of Pakistan agents of positive change. Bayer Pakistan has teamed up with them on various initiatives to be rolled out this year. “It was great to share our knowledge with the younger generation,” said Khalid Siraj, HR Business Partner, Bayer HealthCare. “These kids, usually from the less privileged sections of the population, have little or no career guidance and helping them made us thankful for the blessings we have.” Sharing experience Medical Science Liaison Manager, Bayer HealthCare Zafar Taj, described the program as an opportunity for the employees to share their experience with the students and encourage them to discuss their ambitions in life. “It was a wonderful experience,” he said. “It was very inspirational for me,” said Faiza Hussain, Head of Communications & PR. “I met some extraordinary girls with good grades and ambitions in the fields of medicine, business and even the armed forces. All they needed was information on various options available within these fields. With uneducated parents working as daily wagers and large family sizes, all of them contribute in the household income by giving tuition, help with household work and yet achieved good grades. If given an opportunity, which they have thanks to TCF, they will surely achieve what they aim for.” Read more: