Children and Education Must Not Be Held Hostage

Originally Published in The Opinion

By Mushtaq Chhapra

Sometimes, it’s more comfortable just to tune out bad news. The dripping tap of negativity in the media can eventually become so dehumanizing, it define a country like Pakistan in the eyes of the world, then something so terrible happens that you simply have to sit up and take notice. On December 16, Peshawar was just such an atrocity. The slaying of so many students and teachers in the very schools that was supposed to be their sanctuary is impossible to ignore, whether you live in London, Los Angeles or Liberia.

For once, the focus is on the victims, and not the perpetrators. And it turns out these victims could be your children or mine. Their parents saw them off to school that morning, perhaps with a huge and a reminder not to forget their homework. They were all our children that day and their fate haunts every one of us.

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