Noble Pakistan: 10 Pakistanis Honoured with Ramon Magsaysay Award

Published in The Express Tribune

Year of the award: 2014 TCF was set up in 1995 to improve the dismal state of education in Pakistan. According to Asaad Ahmed, the CEO of TCF, “It is a great honour not only for our organization, but also for this country.” But he is quick to point out that the award has just reinforced the organization’s zeal and determination to continue to bring high quality education to those who cannot afford it otherwise. TCF already runs 1,000 schools across the country, giving full or partial scholarships to 145,000 students. The average fees a child is expected to pay per month is Rs100, and the rest of the tuition, including the cost of textbooks and uniforms, is covered by the organization. “As nice as the award is, for us the most important thing is our work. Education remains a major problem for Pakistan and TCF still has a long way to go,” says Ahmed, adding that more than 150,000 schools are still needed in the country. “There is still a great need for better quality as well as greater quantity of education. A lot more work and investment is required.” Awards such as this are a great way to recognize and celebrate the work that is being done towards improving society. It is also a welcome reminder that although we may still have a long way to go, there are people out there who are taking the road less travelled.

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