Operation Beach Clean-up at Clifton

Published in The News

Saturday, April 05, 2014 Karachi Keeping up with its mission to create ‘agents of positive change’, The Citizens Foundation (TCF) organised a beach cleaning activity at Seaview on Friday. Around 300 people participated in the event, including TCF head office and support staff, and students and teachers of schools run by the foundation. A large number of volunteers also attended the event with great enthusiasm to show their yearning to become responsible citizens and support the cause of education in Pakistan. Speaking on the occasion, TCF CEO Asaad Ayub said it was always great to see his organisation receiving such overwhelming support. “The organisation has always strived to provide quality education for the less-privileged children of Pakistan. Education is a long-term investment; it empowers students to transform their lives and together with all our stakeholders we are committed to erase this opportunity gap for the poor.” PTI MPA Arif Alvi was also there. Sharing his views, he said: “Education is the solution to most of the problems on Pakistan. We need to give a bright and promising future to the youth of our country and education is a means to it.” Established in 1995 The Citizens Foundation reached a milestone of 1,000 school units across Pakistan on April 1. Today, TCF has a strength of 145,000 students in its schools spread across 100 rural areas and urban slums of the country with almost 50 percent female ratio. TCF Chairman and Founding Director Mushtaq Chhapra said: “TCF will remain committed to its cause of education. It is a movement that needs ardent supporters because only education can pave the way for a brighter and progressive Pakistan. As more and more supporters join us, each one marks a victory of education over illiteracy and deprivation.”

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