Social Entrepreneur Award for The Citizens Foundation, Pakistan

KARACHI: The Citizens Foundation (TCF) of Pakistan – an NGO in formal education – has been recognised for the Social Entrepreneur of the 2015 Year Award by the Schwab Foundation, Switzerland.

Schwab Foundation has selected thirty three outstanding social entrepreneurs in 2015 and TCF was one of among them. These social entrepreneurs has been recognised for their innovative approach towards social and environmental challenges, from mental health to nutrition, homelessness to climate change and more.

Schwab Foundation:

Schwab Foundation was founded in 1998 as an not-for-profit organization for the purpose of ‘advance social entrepreneurship and to foster social entrepreneurs as an important catalyst for societal innovation and progress.’ The foundation is under legal control of Swiss Federal Government. Each year, 20-25 Social Entrepreneurs are selected by the foundation through its annual competition, ‘Social Entrepreneur of the year.’ However, this year 33 social entrepreneurs were selected by the foundation.

The Citizens Foundation:

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) was founded in 1995, in Karachi to promote the education sector of Pakistan. The purpose of the organization is to change the Pakistan by educating the people. At present it has 1,000 operational school units in rural and urban areas having 145,000 students.

TCF Chairman Mr. Mushtaq Chhapra will be representing the organization at the World Economic Forum on East Asia to be held in April 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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