Students Plant Saplings to Celebrate Earth Day

Published in The News

Shahid Husain Karachi Enthusiastic students of The Citizens Foundation School (Saeedabad Campus I) planted saplings to celebrate Earth Day on Tuesday. Each young tree was tagged with the name of the pupil who planted it to give them a sense of ownership. Their faces glowed as their teachers watched them plant the saplings. The event was organised by ICI-TCF Environmental Club. The concept of the plantation drive was conceived by Rahat Rafiq, assistant brand manager at ICI Pakistan. He coined the slogan “Every Day is Earth Day 2014”. The 315 students in the morning shift of the campus planted the Conocarpus and Ficus aurea (golden fig) saplings, watered them and then clapped unanimously with joy. ICI Pakistan CSR Coordinator and Public Relations Manager Abdul Ghani asked the pupils: “Roz kya karna hai? (What do you have to do every day?)” The children replied in unison: “Paani dena hai! (We have to water the plants!)” The students vowed to take care of the saplings they had planted and also sang the national anthem. “We have planted these saplings to keep the environment clean. Pakistan Zindabad! (Long Live Pakistan!)” The plantation endeavour is a pilot project. TCF Area Manager for Baldia, Saleem Multanwala, said: “We need teamwork. Even when I am at home, I enjoy gardening, and my children support me. Gardening is such a healthy pursuit. It brings peace of mind.” Multanwala said that there were more than 1,000 TCF schools across Pakistan, which made them one of the largest school systems in the country. “It is entirely funded by our own people,” he said. “Gardening is the road to salvation; more so when we are witnessing so much violence and lawlessness.” He pointed out that the police department had generously provided the TCF with pieces of land to establish schools across the country.

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