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Beating the Odds: University Students lend a Helping Hand

Published in the Express Tribune
TCF’s Alumni Development Programme developed in tandem with the Institute of Business Adminstration (IBA) is aimed at providing students with opportunities to further their educational pursuits and achievements through enrolling in universities. The program focuses specifically on supporting TCF school graduates towards securing admission into post …Read More

Ayesha’s Journey of Change

Chapter 1: Change Came Knocking

There was a knock on their door.
Morning light filtered inside as Ayesha’s father pulled the door open for a kind-faced visitor. This was the first time Ayesha met Ms. Zeenat, a teacher at the nearby The Citizens Foundation (TCF) Campus; her visit was to encourage Ayesha’s …Read More

Empowering Teachers: The Driving Force Of Our Mission

Quality education begins with a competent teacher. A teacher’s excellence and her commitment to the service of educating is the compass steering the future of countless young minds. The profound impact of a teacher’s learning and development reverberates in the outcomes of their students – shaping their personal and academic …Read More

From Bhai Pheru Village to LUMS!

The sun was setting on the dusty streets of Bhai Pheru in Punjab as Ayesha stood before the Chaudhry (the tribal leader of the village), alongside her father and grandfather, holding her acceptance letter from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in her hand. Her heart was pounding in …Read More

A First-Generation Doctor!

Growing up, Aqsa often saw her parents struggle to pay for her education. They would often have to forego meals to cover the cost of her education at a local private school. Even as a child, she was very conscious of how hard her father worked as a manual laborer …Read More

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